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About LeatherNXG !!!!

July 13, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith


LEATHERNXG is the sole leader, in its innovative chic styles and unparallel designs from fashion to fetish wear in leather. LEATHERNXG has carved a niche with its sheer commitment, perfection, and quality imbibed with high-end professionalism. Across the time, it has steadily grown into the business of handcrafting tailor-made fantasies for all fashion aficionados

LEATHERNXG has earned a distinct reputation in manufacturing and retailing plethora of leather goods. With loads of eternal appeal and versatility, leather has always been adaptable and inspirational. The look of the leather is time-less, one can make a bold fashion statement and a wise investment at the same time. So if you are willing to make a fashion statement or a dashing entrance, just do it with only of its kind outfit-courtesy LEATHERNXG.

Right from the day of its inception, the organization has endeavored for quality and perfection. The basic objective of the company is to promote and preserve the quality of its goods at any cost. Premium quality leather with trendy designs, classic styles and textures endow opulence to any drab wardrobe. From simple designs to intricate style, our garments represents a la mode style, we have them all.They are manufactured by an efficient team of skilled professionals and designed by expert designers. Their quality is impeccable and you have a wide range to choose from. Our leather garments are a perfect solution for those chilly winters. Some of our most sought-after items include leather jackets, leather bombers, leather pants, leather bikers, leather motorcycle jackets, leather coats, leather skirts and other leather accessories

Even with the inception of an array of new styles, trends and shapes, our collection embodies the same basic principle of classic design in its couture. In order to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of fashion it is imperative to be innovative. Moreover, quality, style and diversity are the three most significant attributes. Impressively in tune with the latest trends in the market, we offer an exciting range of designer wear to the fashion conscious generation with custom made leather clothing. All the garments are made using premium quality leather,the designs are designed by proficient designers and they are manufactured efficiently. All LEATHERNXG products strike or exhibit a perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort level and functionality. Since quality is the keyword with us, each piece passes through expert hands before it is finally dispatched to our buyers.

LEATHERNXG uses top quality high-grade leather skins in all products. No one can just match our prices, quality or selection.LEATHERNXG selects only the top ten percent of leathers for their tactile quality strength, character and grain. In tanning process, the untreated leather is rotated for days in large drums where it is made soft and supple and further enriched with natural treatments drawn from plant extracts, fats and clear aniline dyes. Like fingerprints, no two grain patterns are alike. Our method of slow curing brings the natural markings to the surface, which makes every LEATHERNXG product unique and innovative.

Our finished leather is of superior quality and meets the stringent quality checks of the international market. We offer outstanding quality leather goods at a fraction of the cost available at retail stores. Our unmatched quality, standard and price have won millions of satisfied customers across the globe. This is the fact! The same jacket sells at the price tag of $150-500 in a retail stores around the world which comes at $88-309 on our online Shoppe. So gear up and buy directly from us today and make huge savings!

mens leather jacket

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Designer Leather Jackets for Your Style

July 4, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

womens leather jacket

You can go over a considerable measure of leather jackets when you visit the shopping center and there are saves which concentrates on layers and designer jackets which ought to be your first choice when you are searching for leather jackets as they generally appear to be finished in their products of designer jackets style.

Designer jackets in leather may be a bit unmanageable however realize that these designer jackets are tough and might be utilized for long times of time.

On the off chance that you do a few examination on styles and traders, you have to be in a position to recognize an incredible deal or occasional ease. Generally, you should additionally have the capacity to discover a decent jacket, as exceptionally well as discover a trader that can provide for you sufficient insights about how to look after it satisfactorily. You may even place that you can purchase your garments from group dealers, or crafters that have on the web stores. In our general public, we’ve gone by means of a great deal of upscale stages. We’ve seen practically everything from ringer bottoms, poodle skirts, fits, gleaming colored neon 80’s rigging, Nike higher tops, and numerous others…

All these sort have arrived and left, however one specific outline that has stood the test of time, is the leather jacket.

The extraordinary thing about the leather jacket is that you can even wear a dress underneath and still look snazzy.

Assault aviator jackets are known to have that non-douchebag request so its an absolute necessity in any closet particularly on the off chance that you are on your youngsters.

Designer jackets could be effectively scored when you are shopping on the web. Get extraordinary arrangements when you set out for some shopping online and all the more imperatively, you don’t need to go anyplace in the event that you are shopping on the web. You should simply hold up for your leather jacket to arrive.

Designer jackets once in a while use Buckskin leather which is a malleable leather that has a smooth complete and can truly give that exemplary look that you can without much of a stretch match up with your outfits. It is made out of wild stag and deer or elk and entelope.

An alternate sort would be the Chamois leather which is fabricated from goat like brutal Apine chamois, however as of now the ones in the business sector is produced using sheep skin. Chamois or SHAM-wa/ SHAM-ee as its named, is extremely agreeable, has extraordinary receptiveness and has a dazzling light tan color.

It’s very uncommon to discover a leather jacket like this however individuals still like the composition and color.

Designer Leather Jacket

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