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The Soul Of fashion Industry Leather Blazer

August 21, 2017 - Author: Jeff Smith

Leather blazer have always taken an up-most place in the fashion world, it has become the choice of most of the designer, giving them more pattern of design to show on there ramp. This blazer are crafted from soft lambskin Napa, to get it a perfect look which every person love to own it. there are many design and pattern available int he market today giving you a wide range, with various price range.
Even though you find it attractive many people, do not opt it on the basis of price, The price of leather blazer are quite heigh as compared to any other product, you should always consider it as an perfect investment which is going to last for longer time than any other product, if taken ample of care.
Below are few design which are design keeping today’s world requirement.
Fabulous Leather Blazer

100% Top Grain Soft Lamb Leather
Three button front Closure With Zipper Jacket Enclosure
Notch Collar
Double Vent
Buttoned Cuffs
Two Buttoned Welt Pocket
Slim fit
Made from tog grain Napa leather, fabulous leather blazer is a perfect style statement. A slim fit design with double vent and detachable inner jacket so that you can wear it even during sunny weather. A perfect for formal as well as casual wear, giving you a stylish and fashionable looks at the same time. Person who loves to be in fashion, would own fabulous leather blazer.
Alfa Leather Blazer

Made from Soft Lambskin
Two Button Front Closure
Slim fit
Notch Collar with two Welt Pockets
Double Vent
Alfa women leather blazer is a perfect mixture of fashion and style, made from soft lambskin leather with slim fit fitting, gives you a stunning looks. Two button front closure with double vent and style to it. Two welt pockets with notch collar give you a chick looks. It can be worn for formal as well as casual meeting, pair it with denim, skirt or formal pant it will make you look more ravishing.
Women are finding women leather blazer as more attractive piece of dressing than compare to any other apparel, As it can be worn on both formal as well as casual dress, which give them a wide perspective of color as well as pattern option. Women leather blazer are in more demand than compared to mens leather blazer

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About LeatherNXG !!!!

July 13, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith


LEATHERNXG is the sole leader, in its innovative chic styles and unparallel designs from fashion to fetish wear in leather. LEATHERNXG has carved a niche with its sheer commitment, perfection, and quality imbibed with high-end professionalism. Across the time, it has steadily grown into the business of handcrafting tailor-made fantasies for all fashion aficionados

LEATHERNXG has earned a distinct reputation in manufacturing and retailing plethora of leather goods. With loads of eternal appeal and versatility, leather has always been adaptable and inspirational. The look of the leather is time-less, one can make a bold fashion statement and a wise investment at the same time. So if you are willing to make a fashion statement or a dashing entrance, just do it with only of its kind outfit-courtesy LEATHERNXG.

Right from the day of its inception, the organization has endeavored for quality and perfection. The basic objective of the company is to promote and preserve the quality of its goods at any cost. Premium quality leather with trendy designs, classic styles and textures endow opulence to any drab wardrobe. From simple designs to intricate style, our garments represents a la mode style, we have them all.They are manufactured by an efficient team of skilled professionals and designed by expert designers. Their quality is impeccable and you have a wide range to choose from. Our leather garments are a perfect solution for those chilly winters. Some of our most sought-after items include leather jackets, leather bombers, leather pants, leather bikers, leather motorcycle jackets, leather coats, leather skirts and other leather accessories

Even with the inception of an array of new styles, trends and shapes, our collection embodies the same basic principle of classic design in its couture. In order to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of fashion it is imperative to be innovative. Moreover, quality, style and diversity are the three most significant attributes. Impressively in tune with the latest trends in the market, we offer an exciting range of designer wear to the fashion conscious generation with custom made leather clothing. All the garments are made using premium quality leather,the designs are designed by proficient designers and they are manufactured efficiently. All LEATHERNXG products strike or exhibit a perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort level and functionality. Since quality is the keyword with us, each piece passes through expert hands before it is finally dispatched to our buyers.

LEATHERNXG uses top quality high-grade leather skins in all products. No one can just match our prices, quality or selection.LEATHERNXG selects only the top ten percent of leathers for their tactile quality strength, character and grain. In tanning process, the untreated leather is rotated for days in large drums where it is made soft and supple and further enriched with natural treatments drawn from plant extracts, fats and clear aniline dyes. Like fingerprints, no two grain patterns are alike. Our method of slow curing brings the natural markings to the surface, which makes every LEATHERNXG product unique and innovative.

Our finished leather is of superior quality and meets the stringent quality checks of the international market. We offer outstanding quality leather goods at a fraction of the cost available at retail stores. Our unmatched quality, standard and price have won millions of satisfied customers across the globe. This is the fact! The same jacket sells at the price tag of $150-500 in a retail stores around the world which comes at $88-309 on our online Shoppe. So gear up and buy directly from us today and make huge savings!

mens leather jacket

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Make your Style Statement with Leather Blazer !!

- Author: Jeff Smith


Leather jackets or blazers have dependably had the capacity to put forth certain style expressions. They could either demolish your picture or construct it. 

Leather blazers have dependably been in design and their constant entertainments and progressions or even recoveries from the past patterns, have made it workable for both men and ladies to take after style patterns, as well as feel both polished and agreeable in their leather blazers. 

Blazers are currently accessible for all age bunches. Despite the fact that blazers were once in a while worn prior, today everybody appears to stay aware of design patterns and hence feels free to purchases new blazers which are diverse in shapes, shades and even lengths. One can look trendy by wearing a dark leather blazer collaborated with denims which have shades of blurred colors in them. Tan is a color that claims an object from olden times look that runs with the rancher look and additionally with shades, for example, ash and white. 

Lambskin has tackled as a well known angle in men’s blazers as it is more refined and rich to take a gander at.  Leather jackets produced using sheep skins, leather coats with false hide collars, brilliant leather cruiser jackets, light weight leather bike jackets and ladies’ leather vests with trim on them. Kids can benefit marine assault aviator coats with bird fixes on them. 

The most loved scope of coats that might be worn by both men and ladies are the first style town  leather bomber jackets, a cool style dark aerial attacker cover produced using soft leather, a layer styled like James Dean’s, the LasVegas style coat that compliments the European style of blazer jackets, NewZealand sheep conceal jackets, dark leather jackets with glossy silk linings, unique dark leather riding jackets, immaculate bovine skin leather cruiser jackets, hooded trench coats, delicate leather jackets of suede produced using cow stow away with silk linings. 

Men’s leather blazer can additionally symbolize patriotism. They can symbolize one’s nation and nationality. One additionally runs over pattern setting molds in jackets that convey the banner of the USA and they can likewise be marines assault aviator styled coats 

One can count on the way that coats certainly put forth a style expression particularly with regards to winters. Separated from coats, jackets, and so forth other leather frill, for example, sashs, wallets, satchels, handbags, additionally put forth a style expression for you. Men’s leather blazer and different extras produced using leather are certain to stay in design for a long time to come. 

Also there should be more customers purchasing leather products consistently, be it for men, ladies, young people or little children. The time it now, time individuals figure out how to put forth style expressions with leather jackets, coats, and so on as it has climbed with incredible vitality into the businesses and is soon developing more prominent every day. Yet in particular, one must figure out how to pick effectively so he or she awes individuals emphatically and in this way feel more certain about himself or herself.


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Variety in Women’s Blazers Jackets Popularising the Jacket Wear

July 3, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith


At whatever point individuals consider purchasing the warm attire for summer, the idea of men’s denim jacket or ladies’ blazer comes into the psyche. Despite the fact that sweaters could be a critical a piece of the winter wear, individuals would like to have jacket’s in their closet on the grounds that these have a comfort of utilization and are these days being made accessible in expansive numbers. 

Fashioner dresses are, no doubt brought into the business sector by different design fashioners who are likewise chipping away at the jacket’s to make them preferred by individuals. It is accordingly vital for individuals to pick a mixed bag of attire for their closet and keep them in gathering for being utilized as and when they need or as the event requests. The accumulations which individuals keep nowadays are generally turned towards modernized wear, of which the women blazer jackets are turning into a fundamental part, particularly for the ladies people. 

With more women going out for work, they have to have a huge accumulation of office wear. In the winters, these clothes are including the blazer jackets in light of the fact that they give the essential warmth and the style component for the females. In today’s times, dressing for style is turning into a typical thing where individuals from a mixture of spots are taking a gander at the very most dresses from even fashioners. With the presentation of web and online stores offering different dress things, it is turning into a typical thing nowadays to purchase things from these stores. 

As an intends to advance the denim jackets or leather items, these stores are offering different creator things so individuals get these items no sweat and by simple installment techniques. It is through such entries that a men’s denim jackets is continuously purchased by individuals. It is additionally here that the items are conceivable to be bought in diverse styles and mixed bags with outlines that are getting fresher each passing year. 

A considerable lot of these things are shown in the entries, which can hold a substantial accumulation of these dresses and likewise some of them are showcased in the manner weeks that have turned into the standard nowadays before propelling the new set of plans. With flower examples, furred collars, short coats, leather attire with chains, catches, and so on being basic nowadays, individuals need to have various coats with diverse plans. 


As the deal through the online entries and through wholesale shops is permitting individuals to give out these jackets at lower costs, they are keeping a wide assortment in their accumulations. At the point when such offers with consolidated styles are constantly displayed before the prospective purchasers, there would be an immense interest. Also actually, the amount of purchasers for the women blazer  jackets  and the denims is expanding step by step. It is obliged that the supply be expanded in like manner to mollify the shifting tastes of the customers.

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Three Best Pick Leather Apparel This Season

June 21, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

Leather jackets are among smart apparel in unisex product which gives both feminine and masculine appearance in proper sense. They are very stylish and fancy throughout all the season. Over the last few years to make leather jackets more trendy and spectacular in appeal the manufacturer had started making colorful jackets. Let’s see the best three leather jackets, which are universally accepted.


  • Biker Leather Jackets : With cloths and accessories vehicle like bikes, bullets have also become style and fashion icon in the society. Young masses want to be comfortable and stylish with two-wheeler accessories.  Biker jacket is famous among the bike and bullet rider. It is not only comfortable and stylish but also safe. A biker jacket protects upper body from direct sun light, dust, and dirt especially during winter it keeps body warm. Keeping in the mind the demand and need for biker jackets in market many branded bike companies had started introducing biker jackets under companies’ name. The best feature of biker leather jacket is that it has versatile utilization of zips for pockets, straps, and cuffs. Zips make it look more trendy and young.

Women's bomber jacket

  • Bomber Leather Jackets: Want to look cool like in Hollywood? Then bomber jacket is one step towards celeb-mod. From Daniel Radcliffe to David Henry almost every celebrity has enhanced their personality at events or regular routine life with bomber jacket. Bomber jacket is one of very expensive leather jacket. It is leather coated with butter touch from inside to keep body temperature calm and warm during cold winter. Bomber jackets were specially manufactured for air force pilots to keep them warm under low temperature during a fly. In terms of aviation world bomber jackets are also known as flight jackets. But as centuries passed it changed its uses and came into world of fashion. Teenage, young to Hollywood celeb, all became fond of bomber jackets. It makes them feel comfortable to wear in regular basis life. Women bomber leather jackets has got many variation in accordance of color, pattern etc.

Women Leather Blazer

  • Leather Blazers : Make any boring formal to informal attire stylish with just putting up leather blazer on it. See drastic change in your appearance and personality. Leather blazer makes personality look more pleasant and admiring. Leather blazers are usually of two to three buttons. Even though leather blazer falls under category of blazer doesn’t mean that it can be wore only in formal days but also in your casual parties. It gives a huge impression to the second person. Leather blazer is prominent choice of fashion conscious people.

Leather blazersare a great way to showcase fashion for men; they have such a great appeal to attract anyone. Versatile nature with respect to occasions makes this stylish wear more impressive. This soft, sweet and luxurious attire are designed for all, as it is very versatile. It bring smile to everyone how wore it.
Whether you want to look modern, traditional or contemporary they are available in various styles, designs, sizes and cuts. Leather Blazer are available in Black leather blazers, lambskin leather blazers, notch collar leather blazers, button closure leather blazers etc.

Women Leather blazers were looked upon as professional outfit but today their definition has been changed they are a versatile piece of clothing for any occasion.They are available in different style color and design which brings out feminine in women.Women leather blazer have raise lot of flexibility due to which they are perfect for any occasion ,they can be worn in office or in business meeting. They are available in variety of color as compared to men like black, brown, red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, silver etc, and various pattern and style like asymmetrically designed leather blazers,Single breasted leather blazers, triple breasted leather blazers, two button opening leather blazers, double breasted leather blazers, three button opening leather blazers, trimmed leather blazers and snap collar leather blazers.A wardrobe without a leather blazer is incomplete for every women.

Make your wardrobe and personality stylish and upgrade with above three internationally famous jackets. These three above patterns of jackets are very renowned, no doubt that you won’t look outdated or out of style. These three styles of leather jackets are always in trend to keep it stylish.

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