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Leather Jackets Are A Popular Mode Of Clothing Which Is Adopted Globally

July 20, 2017 - Author: Jeff Smith

Leather jackets first became popular among the soldiers of Russia and other countries. Mainly there were special leather bomber jackets produced for the aviators to resist the high altitude disturbances. This leather jacket provided cushioned and layered protection to the body and maintained the body temperature. Soon it came to be known among the hierarchy classes as a common medium of clothing.
Leather jackets came to be worn by some professionals and skilled work people who were involved in jobs requiring going through lot of physical labor in hardship climates. Soon variants of leather jacket came to be shown in movies and many communities got influenced by its charm and developed their own version and style of leather jackets. Leather jackets came to be worn by sub groups like bikers, punks, artists and many more. It regained a symbol of freedom and individuality as well as a mark of boldness.
Leather jackets started began to become a preference of people due to its material and shine. The durability and texture of the leather jacket also made many people to fall for it and make it a part of their clothing line. Some of the majorly used materials to produce leather jackets are lambskin, sheep skin, antelope skin, cowhide, deer skin, buckskin and lot more.
Leather jackets grew out from its old notion of secure clothing and came to be seen as a commodity of interest and fashion. New styles and patterns came to be visualized on the surface of the jackets and many zipper and pocket style came into existence in leather jackets. There were many collar styles also with innovative structures that made leather jackets look more unique and demandable.
The manufacturers started to use special dyes and processing ways to make the leather jackets of beat quality so that it looks as a high end product. You could now have the leather jackets worn by celebrities also. It attained a glamour statement beyond its natural advantages also. This is why leather jackets started to become so important in the clothing styles of people and trendier ways were adopted to see to it that the leather jackets never went out of fashion in their looks and structure.
People prefer leather jackets due to its fashion quotient and its usability. At the end of the day it is the leather jacket which protects you from harsh cold weather and hot winds. You can have blends of different animal skins and design patterns together to have a unique leather jacket of your own. The wide availability of choices was another reason as to why leather jackets came to be so eminent in people’s clothing.
Women leather jacket are great style statement a great versatility of leather jackets enhances personality due to there perfect silhouette, flaunting styles and color. They add rich splendor to women of all ages. Women leather jacket represent same two qualities that of men’s leather jacket i.e. protection and style with more color and different fashionable design, Women leather jackets are available in various detail like classic button closing jackets, double breasted jackets, zipper opening, for different statement there are different jackets

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How to Grab party wear look for men in leather pants?

January 27, 2017 - Author: Jeff Smith

Rock the party guys …..


There is lots of option for men fashion leather pants for rocking the party…. And mens leather pants are one of those to shine at a party, especially if there are parties which are late nights. There are few things you have to take care like –


Preferably black as it can go with any occasions and especially for a party wear you get lots of choices to wear like shirts, t-shirts, hoodies  or even casual blazers etc. the another colours you would consider for party wear are red and blue  as they are also shiny. And can give you a bold look.

Matching on top –

you have to be careful what matching you are choosing on top of men leather pants … you can wear party wear shirts ,T-shirts , hoodies or even casual jackets.

Shirts– a good flowery printed shirt will go nicely but wear which is vibrant or dark shade in colour which can be bold to you.


A quoted t-shirts with some shiny writing or glittery t-shirts really look nice on leather pants. If you are wearing red or blue leather pants then try black , white , purple colour t-shirts which give you energetic look.


Accessories to match-

Here comes the catch …. You can wear lots of accessories if you are wearing shirts then try leather necklace which can be catchy or you can wear leather wrist bands. If you are wearing t-shirts leather accessories are must.


Now if you are wearing shirts wear floaters which are brown or use the shoes which are very solid and heighted soles. it’s a perfect for leather wear


All right now you are ready for the party to rock …. So say once again rock the party ….

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How to grab a formal wear look by using leather collection???

January 13, 2017 - Author: Jeff Smith

Most of women spend their time in office off course career oriented and in formal wear we think we have less choices compare to casual. Its somewhat true as you have to focus on many things like colors, types etc.



Blazer Women Jackets-
For meetings, presentations and usual office work blazers are necessary. You have to pick colors of blazers in particular like black, brown & Navy. It can go really well on –
-Formal Trousers
-Formal Skirt
-Formal One Piece
-Formal Cotton or Skinny Pants
Certainly it will be a nice option of women leather blazer.

Women Leather Pants-

As we also known them as ladies wearing leather trousers. This one go well if you find right combination of formal jackets. Don’t try wear shiny leather as it consider as party wear, you can wear ankle length pants, Skinny pants. Most of you can try with white, navy, off-white, brown color blazers. If you have black blazer which is obliviously anyone could have then you can wear beige, off-white or brown Leather Pants

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Leather Jacket Trends In 2017 For Women

January 2, 2017 - Author: Jeff Smith

Life is short to wear boring cloths …. As we enter in 2017 … I must say change your dressing sense resolution this year … off course with help of leather jacket fashion women.

Here we can see how you can match leather jackets with multiple silhouettes.




well shorts are evergreen … whether high waist or low waist … women leather jacket look cool in shorts … I recommend try women Biker Clothing if you are bike lover… shorts are look so sexy.


Flair or skin fit … Mini or ankle length women leather jacket look really good especially if you are wearing sleeveless tops it looks stunning in party wear.


2016 year rocked by jogger bottoms …. Jogger really gives you sporty look whether its denim jogger or simple jogger… you can wear leather jackets on these joggers for nice sporty look…

One Piece-

Fit and flary or asymmetrical … or even you have LBD leather jackets will give party wear look … even you can try leather Jackets with maxi dress…

Skinny Pants-

How can we forget this skinny pants or jeggings …. The most loved bottoms by girls … it not only gives you comfort but stunning look everywhere. Leather jackets can give you very beautiful look even on torn denims or yoga pants …. If you are a leather lover try leadies wearing leather trousers of leathernxg.

Definitely I must say a one leather jacket you can team up with so many sillhoutes …. That’s why it’s a recommended for you to have a women leather jacket in your wardrobe…..



With lots of love

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You already have wings … You Just Need to fly …. Airport Leather Fashion

December 13, 2016 - Author: Jeff Smith

Well it’s a December a charismas time … vacation mode and so does plans to travel …. Ohhhh and what you need a very adventures journey throughout.

Leather Outerwear for men and Leatherwear for women always have been a trend …. It’s evergreen.


Leather wear for Women (Airport Fashion Style)-

Ladies Wearing Leather Trousers


Leather Jacket Fashion Women






















In Above Paris Hilton looks stunning in Ladies wearing Leather Trousers with her White Peplum Top Where as Kim Kardishian looks stunning in leather jacket fashion women.

The thing is whether it is leather jacket or leather pants you can team up with any silhouettes Like Peplum or even asymmetrical. If you are thinking about leather jacket you can team up with Denims, shorts joggers or even yoga pants too it’s the best evergreen option you have in your wardrobe.


Leather Outerwear for Men (Airport Fashion Style)-

Kanye West arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport. Pictured: Kanye West Ref: SPL468278 061212 Picture by: / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666


How men’s can will be behind in this fashion …. David backham as we see him most of time in leather jacket fashion. Keyne west also look stunning in straight fit leather pants for men.

As for men’s leather jackets are really evergreen … you can try in casual or there are mens leather biker jackets if you love to ride the bikes. You can wear the jackets with joggers, denims or chinos …. For partywear looks you can team up with V-neck or Round collar Party wear –T-shirts.

Men’s If you love to go party men’s fashion leather pants is the best option you have. with skinny and straight fit pants … you can just team up with party wear or printed t-shirts .. it gives you glazing look.

Thanks folks… will keep posting … Be Happy.





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