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About LeatherNXG !!!!

July 13, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith


LEATHERNXG is the sole leader, in its innovative chic styles and unparallel designs from fashion to fetish wear in leather. LEATHERNXG has carved a niche with its sheer commitment, perfection, and quality imbibed with high-end professionalism. Across the time, it has steadily grown into the business of handcrafting tailor-made fantasies for all fashion aficionados

LEATHERNXG has earned a distinct reputation in manufacturing and retailing plethora of leather goods. With loads of eternal appeal and versatility, leather has always been adaptable and inspirational. The look of the leather is time-less, one can make a bold fashion statement and a wise investment at the same time. So if you are willing to make a fashion statement or a dashing entrance, just do it with only of its kind outfit-courtesy LEATHERNXG.

Right from the day of its inception, the organization has endeavored for quality and perfection. The basic objective of the company is to promote and preserve the quality of its goods at any cost. Premium quality leather with trendy designs, classic styles and textures endow opulence to any drab wardrobe. From simple designs to intricate style, our garments represents a la mode style, we have them all.They are manufactured by an efficient team of skilled professionals and designed by expert designers. Their quality is impeccable and you have a wide range to choose from. Our leather garments are a perfect solution for those chilly winters. Some of our most sought-after items include leather jackets, leather bombers, leather pants, leather bikers, leather motorcycle jackets, leather coats, leather skirts and other leather accessories

Even with the inception of an array of new styles, trends and shapes, our collection embodies the same basic principle of classic design in its couture. In order to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of fashion it is imperative to be innovative. Moreover, quality, style and diversity are the three most significant attributes. Impressively in tune with the latest trends in the market, we offer an exciting range of designer wear to the fashion conscious generation with custom made leather clothing. All the garments are made using premium quality leather,the designs are designed by proficient designers and they are manufactured efficiently. All LEATHERNXG products strike or exhibit a perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort level and functionality. Since quality is the keyword with us, each piece passes through expert hands before it is finally dispatched to our buyers.

LEATHERNXG uses top quality high-grade leather skins in all products. No one can just match our prices, quality or selection.LEATHERNXG selects only the top ten percent of leathers for their tactile quality strength, character and grain. In tanning process, the untreated leather is rotated for days in large drums where it is made soft and supple and further enriched with natural treatments drawn from plant extracts, fats and clear aniline dyes. Like fingerprints, no two grain patterns are alike. Our method of slow curing brings the natural markings to the surface, which makes every LEATHERNXG product unique and innovative.

Our finished leather is of superior quality and meets the stringent quality checks of the international market. We offer outstanding quality leather goods at a fraction of the cost available at retail stores. Our unmatched quality, standard and price have won millions of satisfied customers across the globe. This is the fact! The same jacket sells at the price tag of $150-500 in a retail stores around the world which comes at $88-309 on our online Shoppe. So gear up and buy directly from us today and make huge savings!

mens leather jacket

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Make your Style Statement with Leather Blazer !!

- Author: Jeff Smith


Leather jackets or blazers have dependably had the capacity to put forth certain style expressions. They could either demolish your picture or construct it. 

Leather blazers have dependably been in design and their constant entertainments and progressions or even recoveries from the past patterns, have made it workable for both men and ladies to take after style patterns, as well as feel both polished and agreeable in their leather blazers. 

Blazers are currently accessible for all age bunches. Despite the fact that blazers were once in a while worn prior, today everybody appears to stay aware of design patterns and hence feels free to purchases new blazers which are diverse in shapes, shades and even lengths. One can look trendy by wearing a dark leather blazer collaborated with denims which have shades of blurred colors in them. Tan is a color that claims an object from olden times look that runs with the rancher look and additionally with shades, for example, ash and white. 

Lambskin has tackled as a well known angle in men’s blazers as it is more refined and rich to take a gander at.  Leather jackets produced using sheep skins, leather coats with false hide collars, brilliant leather cruiser jackets, light weight leather bike jackets and ladies’ leather vests with trim on them. Kids can benefit marine assault aviator coats with bird fixes on them. 

The most loved scope of coats that might be worn by both men and ladies are the first style town  leather bomber jackets, a cool style dark aerial attacker cover produced using soft leather, a layer styled like James Dean’s, the LasVegas style coat that compliments the European style of blazer jackets, NewZealand sheep conceal jackets, dark leather jackets with glossy silk linings, unique dark leather riding jackets, immaculate bovine skin leather cruiser jackets, hooded trench coats, delicate leather jackets of suede produced using cow stow away with silk linings. 

Men’s leather blazer can additionally symbolize patriotism. They can symbolize one’s nation and nationality. One additionally runs over pattern setting molds in jackets that convey the banner of the USA and they can likewise be marines assault aviator styled coats 

One can count on the way that coats certainly put forth a style expression particularly with regards to winters. Separated from coats, jackets, and so forth other leather frill, for example, sashs, wallets, satchels, handbags, additionally put forth a style expression for you. Men’s leather blazer and different extras produced using leather are certain to stay in design for a long time to come. 

Also there should be more customers purchasing leather products consistently, be it for men, ladies, young people or little children. The time it now, time individuals figure out how to put forth style expressions with leather jackets, coats, and so on as it has climbed with incredible vitality into the businesses and is soon developing more prominent every day. Yet in particular, one must figure out how to pick effectively so he or she awes individuals emphatically and in this way feel more certain about himself or herself.


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Leather Blazer for Stunning looks This Season!

June 7, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

Blazer! As the name sound, the one thing that comes up in your mind is the stylish and gentleman looks. Made from some of the best fabric available in the world, there are various types of rich quality fabric used in designing leather blazer and one of that is leather. The softness and shin of leather has made is one of the preferred material for designing a blazer. Leather blazer not only look stunning and stylish, but they also give you ample of protection from all the natural calamities.

There are various pattern of leather blazer available in the market, varying from soft lambskin Italian leather to the embossed one, and sued leather to the studded cowhide leather, giving you range of design with various color option.

Here are few patterns which we consider would be some great design for this season


Anderson Leather Blazer

·         Two button front closure


·         Notch collar

·         Two  pockets

·         Fully lined

Eye-Stealer leather blazer with two pockets fully lined. It’s right on track with perfect comfort with work place elegance. A perfect for every men wardrobe, who loves to look stylish, made from soft lambskin leather with two button front enclosure and two pockets, give it a perfect style statement.


Alfa Leather Blazer

·         Made from Soft Lambskin

·         Two Button Front Closure

·         Slim fit

·         Notch Collar with two Welt Pockets

·         Double Vent

Alfa women leather blazer is a perfect mixture of fashion and style, made from soft lambskin leather with slim fit fitting, gives you a stunning looks. Two button front closure with double vent and style to it. Two welt pockets with notch collar give you a chick looks. It can be worn for formal as well as casual meeting, pair it with denim, skirt or formal pant it will make you look more ravishing.

The days when blazer were only design for men has over, new and trendy design of women leather blazer are available in the market today, ranging from different pattern and shades of colorFree Articles, with some cool and sensuous design.  Women leather blazer are more in demand as compared to mens leather blazer.

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Every Body Love To Have Leather Blazer

April 2, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

Blazer is choice of every man and women, they looks stylish and stunning wearing it, crafted out of some the best fabric in the world, blazer have always attracted  mass of people all around the globe. But the best of the best you can get in blazer is leather blazer design with perfection this one looks awesome when pair with jeans or formal pants.
Blazer is choice of every man and women, they looks stylish and stunning wearing it, crafted out of some the best fabric in the world, blazer have always attracted  mass of people all around the globe. But the best of the best you can get in blazer is leather blazer design with perfection this one looks awesome when pair with jeans or formal pants.
Leather blazers are available regardless of your budget and can be found from a number of different sources from the range of $75 to $300 prices and more. Typically department stores carry a good selection and there are also lots of online stores are available that can ship one directly to you. Consider the durability reason if the price tag seems a bit high to you. Leather blazer can last a very long time if we take proper care, like regular dry cleaning.

These Leather blazers have been designed in such a way to be worm with everything from dresses to jeans and when paired with a matching pants or minis skirts will provide an attractive look that is sure to draw attention. With this versatile piece of clothing the possibilities are endless.
Leather blazers are extremely comfortable to wear and also have lightweight. During the fall or spring season leather blazer make the perfect choice for outwear. One of the popular materials used is lambskin. Leather blazer is crafted from this lambskin leather which has very high quality and soft to touch as compared to other leather, but you can expect to pay little bit more for this material. Lambskin leather is mostly used in design leather blazer.  These Leather jackets are so famous that they are trendy and classic all at the same time.
Leather blazers are the loveliest accessories that will complete almost any outfit.  Before making a final decision make sure you compare prices from several different sources.  The best deals for leather blazers you can go for online and for best results you advised to start your search there.

leather blazer

Women Leather blazer can be found in different style and pattern, with latest trend and design. You will look handsome and stylish if team up properly. Teaming up with denims make you look more smart and attractive, with various colors to experiment it. Red and brown are one off the most preferred one. It was a time when leather blazer were plain and bland, the latest design are crafted taking latest design and comfort in mind.

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Leather Blazer For Reasonable Price

March 26, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith


For lots of men world of fashion has its world. For men doing shopping is not at all full of fun, the one that doesn’t have any idea about the fashion can’t define between what is cool and what is hot. Getting a perfect leather blazer as well as one that has reasonable price tag, is also a tough job. As it is difficult to find someone who is not concern about the prices.
This season there are various options to buy a classic piece of blazer. In winter season most of the western world goes for leather blazer as perfect outwear as it keep them warm from cold as well as make them look stylish.
Leather blazers are a great way to showcase fashion for men; they have such a great appeal to attract anyone. Versatile nature with respect to occasions makes this stylish wear more impressive. This soft, sweet and luxurious attire are designed for all, as it is very versatile. It bring smile to everyone how wore it. Whether you want to look modern, traditional or contemporary they are available in various styles, designs, sizes and cuts. Leather Blazer are available in Black leather blazers, lambskin leather blazers, notch collar leather blazers, button closure leather blazers etc
Classic Design leather blazer

  • 100% Soft lambskin Napa
  • Two Button front Enclosure
  • Notch Collar
  • Two Flap welt Pocket and One Welt Pocket
  • Quitted Lining

Classic Design leather blazer is crafted from 100% soft lamb skin leather, a perfect combination of style and statement. Two button front closures with notch collar add classic looks to it; make it a perfect formal looking blazer. Quitted lining which will keep warm even during cold temperature. Every man would love to have this blazer, in his wardrobe, giving him a perfect statement during a formal meeting.
Lovely Leather Blazer

  • 100% soft lambskin Leather
  • One Button Front enclosure
  • Notch Collar
  • Fully lined inside


Design keeping in mind today’s women requirement, this lovely women leather blazer is crafted from soft lambskin leather. Keeping in mind the latest trend and design, it has one front button enclosure that adds style and statement in your clothing. A design which you can wear in casual as well as formal wear, even you have to go for a formal meeting or a casual dinner with some close one this is a right choice for you.
Women leather blazer has much more option as compared to men. You can get embossed one or designer one which ever leather blazer you would love to have.

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