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**A Style for Every Rider- Leather Biker jacket**

May 31, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

Biker jacket

You should always know what you are buying or looking for when, it comes for leather biker jacket, owing a leather jacket is always an excitement and adventurous. It can also turn out to be a pain in the head if you do not know what you want to buy. You will get various different styles and pattern of jacket in the market today, it all depend upon you what you want to have and a type of rider you are, as well as looks which you want to have while ridding your bike.

Usually there are two types of jacket available in the market one with less armor and other with more, it all depend upon what type of rider you are. If you are a high performance machine rider, than you required a jacket which can give you more protection which consist of extra armor. The jackets which are made for sporty style of biker, are made from cowhide or lambskin leather, mostly cowhide, as it provide more protection than lamb skin, its more durable and less flexible then lambskin. For more flexibility to accommodate for different riding position people rider opt for lambskin leather jacket. You can customize the color of you jacket as per your bike, it looks great and goes very well with your bike. That is why u finds out more riders wearing outfit which goes with their bike.


If you love ridding cruiser bike, than you should always opt for basic typical black leatherjacket, with lots of chrome or brass hardware, which you will find most of the cruise biker wearing it. There is wide range of different pattern and style of jackets available for cruiser biker. A wide range of leather jacket is design in basic style. A good leather jacket should always be 1.2 to 1.3 mm thick, as it provides more protection while any asphalt. If your jacket is thinner that these sizes it’s not going to provide you a proper protection during a fatal crash, it will only fulfill the basic purpose of protection from all the natural elements. Due to this major reason you should always go for a thicker good quality jacket.

This is the few things which a rider should take into consideration while riding. That is why you should know what type of leather jacket is required for different types of bike with required protection. Women should also consider this thing wills opting for a women leather biker jacket, even if they love to ride as pillionPsychology Articles, you should always be in total protection.

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The Sporty classic look of leather bomber jackets!!

May 30, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

Men's Vintage Brown Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

This season leather apparel are going to rock like no other apparel, and leather bomber jacket will be on the top chart. This days they are much in demand for there, sporty and bit military looks, designer are designing  new and new pattern in there design. 

This season leather apparel are going to rock like no other apparel, and leather bomber jacket will be on the top chart. This days they are much in demand for there, sporty and bit military looks, designer are designing  new and new pattern in there design. leather bomber jackets are some classy and stylish either you go for a slouchy or shrunken, twill or brocade, in prints or solid colors they  will really make you stand amazing in the crowd

Being design for both men and women, more and more women are adapting leather bomber jacket this days, as it make them look stunning as well as cool. Available in wide range of color and pattern. this classic piece of clothing will surely highlight you either you go for the studded jacket or bold patterned one.

it is extremely important to harmonize your overall look  to get an outstanding plea, do not assume that a bomber jacket needs only a fitted pair of jeans to accompany it

The G-1 leather bomber jackets are the same in design and pattern of the A-2 bomber jackets, the only basic difference is that it has a fur collar for giving more protection from cold weather, for the US marines during the Second World War. It was also opted by Korean Air Force during the Vietnam War.

The B-3 bomber jacket was also one of the classic jackets during Second World War period. It is usually made from high quality cowhide because of it durability and good protection against element of nature.

To turn their demand in the marketplace these features are added to their appeal. You can go to a store (it can be real one or online based) that has permission to the real things or always keep visiting sites like eBay, if you want  an authentic vintage leather bomber jacket and here these items come up for sale from time to time.  Prices are differing from country to country or manufacturer to manufacturer from where they are originated. There are few people in the market who increase the prices of the


product just to attract few vintage collectors. You have to do your homework thoroughly regarding the vintage bomber jacket, if you want to buy that in the market because these bomber jackets are in huge demand for a different number of reasons.

You have to research or see the amount of heritage leather bomber jackets that the people are paying, if you are selling the heritage leather bomber jackets in the market. Then only you will be assured of getting payment from people that you hope for men and women leather bomber jackets.

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How To Wear Leather Pants Without Looking Like Catwoman !!!!

May 29, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith


Leather pants might be unreliable, and there are approaches to get around wearing them on the off chance that you would prefer not to completely submit. Yet in the event that you’re feeling overcome enough to take the plunge, here are a couple of things you ought to know before putting on those tight-ass bottoms. You would prefer not to wind up like Ross from Friends dumping child powder everywhere on your legs. Look at our tips underneath and click the slideshow for significantly more.

Your shirt must blanket your butt.

This is most likely thee most vital tip for pulling-off leather pants. The main time your shirt ought not go past your behind is if the leather pants are detached. Generally tight on tight simply doesn’t look right, if you catch my drift.

No leather on leather.

leather (2)

This most applies to leather pants with leather shoes, additionally leather tops, coats, and so forth. Your leather pants ought to be the main some piece of the look that is this material. Else you’ll appear as though you’re wearing a biker chick Halloween ensemble, or some piece of a bike posse.

Don’t wear open toe shoes.

Leather is such a frosty climate thing, to the point that it simply looks bizarre to combine it with open toes shoes. Your best wager for shoes are flats and pumps. Boots and booties work as well as long as they don’t go past your lower leg. What’s more doubtlessly no lower leg strap shoes of any sort. The trap to wearing shoes with leather pants is that the shoes shouldn’t head over the pants, one ought to end where alternate starts.


For more fall dressing tips, look at: the best coat for fall climate temperatures, how to style your hair for twist class and shop Kerry Washington’s wardrobe from Scandal

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New Season New Leather Pants!!

- Author: Jeff Smith

Even though leather has the longest surveying time, still people preferred to buy one for every season. Leather pants look stylish and gives the fitting which even denim jeans can’t give.

Even though leather has the longest surveying time, still people preferred to buy one for every season. Leather pants look stylish and gives the fitting which even denim jeans can’t give.  Being crafted out of good quality leather, it will last for the longest time till you maintain it. As the demand of leather pants is increasing day by day designer are busy designing some of the finest design for the latest trend in the market.

You will find straight fit pant, legging pants, armor pants, ¾ pants and jeans leather pants all of it with latest trend and design. Giving you multiple choice to go for and buy as per your choices and requirement.

Shown below some of the few design which has been design keeping in mind the requirement of today’s fashion trend?

Skinny Leather Pants, is a design with latest fashion requirement, the skinny looks which every women love to flaunt her curves.

 leather pants

    Soft lambskin Leather

    Belt Loops

    Two back pocket and two Front pockets

    Two Side Pocket

    Skinny fitting

 Soft lambskin is used, in crafting this elegant skinny leather pant, two front pocket, two sidepocket and two back pockets add style to design making it wear to go pant. Belt loops to hold your waste firmly with skinny fitting make you look stunningly awesome.

Skin Tight Leather Pant, is the pure copy of denim jeans leather pants, the fitting of the pant is what that make every man fall for it.


    Skin Tight

    Denim Design

    Narrow Bottom

    Two front Pocket

 A denim design which has loved by millions of people in the worldArticle Search, transform it into a leather pattern made it looks more attractive. Crafted out of soft lambskin leather give it a stunning looks when worn on good t-shirt  and good leather shoes will make you look outstandingly smart. Were it on a bike or a night out pub you will still the show were ever you go.


Women who had a perfect figure with good curve and who love to flaunt her curves should always go for one of the women leather pant design. It will give her the look which she always wants to have even will ridding or while partying. Leather pants are the first choice of every biker who loves to ride.

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The Rise of Leather Jacket From Medival Peroid!!!!

May 28, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

women biker jacket

With the on go changes of the fashion world new and new thing come and go but there are few things that have manage to stay in style for many decades. Leather jackets are one of this apparel, with certain changes in style and cut they have still retain their position in the market. There is a leather jacket that will suit your wardrobe even in such a there is a leather jacket that will suit your wardrobe, even the popular one are the biker or bomber style. You can even find styles as per your casual or formal requirement.

Leather become a protective wear from the Stone Age period as man use to wear them to protect them from snow and cold, it became a superior wear to which gave them warmth as well as protection. You can even consider them as first leather apparel knows to men. Being very crude in nature the advance technique led to manufacture more refine product.

As the rise of industrial and fashion industry leather apparel became famous at the start of 19th century, the bomber were the first to use it as it was a good protector for them up in sky. They were the best apparel that time which used to give them protection with durability and comfort.

After the Second World War it was the television which made it a house hold product, giving it a perfect popularity, in the movie “The Wild One” Marlon Brando worn it given an iconic looks with the introduction of biker jacket. After the release of this movie lots of good actors have worn it in many of their movies. Which led to a legendary portrait of Hollywood start which went on wearing it?

Biker jackets are actually designed to function as a piece of safety equipment to help protect the bike rider. Made from higher quality of cowhide leather which give the rider a perfect protection and

images (7)
They are the timeless piece of clothing, made out of fine quality leather women leather jacket are one of this fine piece clothing giving them the fashion as well as style statement. Wide range of color as well as designer pattern is available todayFree Web Content, to make them look more attractive even if worn on formal or casual wear.

You can search online or local stores to find wide range of product with latest fashion and trend.

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