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Impressive Leather Skirt

April 11, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

Impressive Leather Skirt

Leather skirt are one of the most popular dresses. They are unaffected of age and can be worn by any age women. A diversified range of leather skirts include short leather skirts, mini leather skirts, long leather skirts, tight leather skirts, side lacing leather skirts, front zipper leather skirts etc.




leather skirt

  • Slim fit
  • Lamb leather
  • 25” long skirt
  • Fully-lined
  • Seam detail in front

Slim fit made from 100% lamb leather, fully lined perfect for this season










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LeatherNXG – Online Leather Cloths Store

April 9, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

We at LeatherNXG provides you best quality leather cloths for

We at LeatherNXG provides you best quality leather cloths for both men and women. We have a huge collection for both  women and men, which  includes  leather blazers,  leather jackets,  leather coats, leather biker jackets,  leather bombers, women’s leather skirts,  leather pants for both men and women, leather halter tops,  leather shorts, leather vests etc. All leather outfits are available for both men and women .

LeatherNXG has an exotic range of  Leather Outfits and Leather cloths and we are committed to provide Leather outfits to  all over the world. Each Leather outfit you can get at LeatherNXG, which will make you comfortable and you will fell more trendy with our Leather outfits. Just enter once and you will not step behind. We touch that part of fashion which is highly admired throughout the world and that is ‘Leather’. We put every endeavor in providing you the best so that like leather you can also set your mark wherever you go.

Just go through different categories of LeatherNXG, browse our products, if you like design, and style of leather outfit, go for it. You will make a style statement with LeatherNXG’s Leather outfits. We are committed to provide you best quality Leather Jackets and other Leather outfits and we will fulfill our commitment with perfection and professionalism.

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Leather Blazer Loved By All !!

April 8, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

Leather is the material which is love by all, every one wants to have one for them. Leather blazer are one of this, they have taken the market more prominently, from the normal blazer industry. giving you a complete fashion statement, all around the globe. Even women Leather blazer are much in demand this days.
Suede Leather Blazer



  • Suede Leather
  • Two button front closure
  • Notch collar
  • Two  pockets
  • Fully lined

Eye-Stealer suede leather blazer with two pockets fully lined. Its  right on track with perfect comfort with work place elegance.
Baleno Leather Blazer.



  • Notch Collar
  • Two Patch Pockets
  • Button Front Opening
  • Polyester lining

This leather blazer is a perfect scoop! Its one button front closure, two front side pockets and polyester lining has an arrant feminine fit that flatters body nicely. A nice piece of jacket for every women.

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Stylish Leather Pants

April 5, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

Mens Leather Pant has become a style statement,due there trendy look.Leather Pants are consider very comfortable for every day wear due there light weight and protection for legs .Leather pants are available in various designs, finishes, textures, sizes, colors, styles and models. there are jean cut leather pants, lambskin leather pants,cowhide leather pants, low waist leather pants, and high waist leather pants etc.

dashing leather pant.
Leather Pants

Women leather pant are the perfect way to show your sex appeal, while maintaining latest fashion. It is the tightness design of leather pants that shows your natural curves and makes you proud and appealing. Leather pant never run out of fashion, and can go on any outfit in your wardrobe.

hot skinny leather pants.

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Leather Coats to protect You From Cold Weather

April 3, 2014 - Author: Jeff Smith

You need a through protection from cold weather this season, many wear woolen or any other fabric to protect them from cold climate. Wearing a woolen or any other cold resistive fabric, gives you ample of protection but, you are not that comfortable if you have to go out for an evening dinner or casual party. This is where leather coats played the role, it gives you ample of protection from cold as well as rain, and looks stylish so that you can worn it anywhere you want to go and look great.
Coats are crafted from good quality cowhide, or lamb leather, there are many types of coats design available today. Some of the basic design which are opted by most of the people are Long coats or trench coats very few you will find short coats, as well as they are design keeping the main motive of keeping you warm as per the location you stay.
Some of the pattern for both men and women are given below; you will love to have one in your wardrobe.Trench Leather Coat

Trench Leather Coat

  • Shirt Collar made from fur
  • Two Welt pocket
  • Four hook Buttons
  • Fully lined with nylon

A perfect mens coat with upbeat fashion and latest trend, made from cowhide leather you can ensure an ultimate protection in this trench coat. The key features shirt collar made from fur with two welt pocket and stylish hook buttons. A perfect style and trend trench coat, exclusively earmarked for you

  • Shirt Collar
  • 4 button closure
  • Two seam pockets

Fully insulated liningMarina Leather Coats

Insulated fully with lining this elegant sexy lambskin leather coat is shear thing, made from soft leather with notch collar, on seam pocket and four button fronts.
Women leather coats are available in many other color and pattern not like men leather coats, still the most loved colors are black and brown. Women usually go for the long leather coat, as it looks stylish and give here required protection from the cold weather, try going for the one which has insulated lining in it as it act as a thermal protection to keep you  warm. Leather coats are bit expensive compare to those of the any other thermal protection, but  you should always consider it as an investment, because it will last the longer time than any other material available in the market, if taken the exact care of the coat.

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